Grand Central Holiday Show Update – Day 17

Cigar Pens

It is day 17, we are still going strong, and building momentum!  The crowds are getting bigger, and more people are stopping at the booth. At other shows people say they will be back to buy, and in my experience they do not come back, but here they actually do come back! Another observation that I did not expect was all the interest in Fountain Pens!  I made a ton of rollerball pens in the Venetian & Arcadia styles and I am glad I did.  These can easily be changed into fountain pens and I am worried I will run out of nibs – (nice thing to worry about).

Some of you asked what some of the shelves looked like close up so here is a picture of the “Cigar Section.”  Time to get some sleep – these 11 hour days are tough on an ole man!  Happy Turning – Barry

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