Lever Action Click Mechanism – not clicking? – Quick Fix!

This is an easy fix for a “sticky” click mechanism.

With thousands of Lever Action pen kits sold, we have had only a few “sticky” click mechanisms, and even those have been fixed in the field!  Every now and then, any click mechanism may slip out of alignment and not click properly.

If you look down the center of the inside of the lever action click mechanism you will see four little white “arms” that stick out.  (Photo below left)

Take a paperclip that has a slight hook on the end, and slide it behind one of the little arms and pull it up.  “Jiggle” it a little bit. It should fall back into place, and you have now repaired the click mechanism – see I told you it was an easy fix!

Paperclip inside of lever action click mechanism.

Paperclip inside of lever action click mechanism.

Lever Action "tool"

Lever Action “tool”

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