Arizona Silhouette’s 7th Anniversary Sale Month – Save Big!

Moving Day 8/3/12 – 108 degrees!

Happy Anniversary – 7 Years and still counting!
Thank you to all of our loyal friends!

August is Arizona Silhouette’s Anniversary Month. It seems like only yesterday when we moved thousands of pounds of pen kits, wood and equipment 2,600 miles from Yuma AZ. to Bensalem, PA.  It was really hot that day,  they say that the heat in the desert is dry heat, NOT TRUE,  at 3 PM it was 108 degrees and we were sweating our #%&@ off!  The next problem was the moving company had an issue with their driver and all our products were delayed two weeks getting to our location in PA. But it ended well, and here we are 7 years later…..

To celebrate our 7th anniversary, each week for the next month, we are going to offer some of our best selling pen kits and pen blanks at great discounts!  We’ll be letting you know on the blog, and through our email list. Stay tuned for lots of savings!    

Happy Turning – Barry


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