New Survival Pen & Polymer Clay Blanks!

New Survival Pen

Just Arrived the New Survival Pen – Three items in one! You can start a fire, break glass and take names with this new pen!  The unique cap portion of the pen contains a carbide glass breaker.  The lower barrel contains the flint fire rod when struck against the clip, it cause a spark which is used to start a fire!  This pen just may save your life someday okay not so dramatic – but it is pretty cool!

Tina Wissen continues to offer her whimsical style in creating

Whimsical ClayBlanks

her own polymer clay masterpieces!

Well it is back to work for me after this last weekend Craft Show – I have to replenish the stock before Memorial day where I will be at Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, MA May 27, 28 & 29.  Happy Turning – Barry

Artrider Show – Lyndhurst, NY

Outside Booth Setup

Rained Out!

This is my tent booth setup for outdoor shows. We are inside a large covered tent so it is a tent inside another tent and it is raining like crazy! Even the best of plans can not beat Mother Nature!  Here I am all set up and expecting great crowds at the Artrider show this weekend and today (Friday) the show closed due to torrential rain and very strong winds!

Well, there still is Saturday and Sunday and the weather is expected to improve, we can only hope it does!

Polymer Clay Dragon & Segmented Blanks Back in Stock!

Candy’s Dragon Scales




With the Woodworking show season over, it is time to concentrate on the Craft Show season and these blanks are always a good seller.  Candy Dean’s dragon scales look really good on the Dragon Pen and Steve Kondo’s segmented blanks are always popular either on the Sierra’s or on the Venetian or Arcadia pen kits.  we will add some more polymer clay blanks tomorrow from Candy and from Tina!  Stay tuned and Happy turning! – Barry

Steve’s Segmented Blanks

Back In The Warehouse

Lenora & I want to thank all our friends who visited us at all the Wood working shows these past 13 weeks.  We are now back in the warehouse and ready to bring in more new and exciting products.

Fireman’s pen with inlay kit

We kept telling you at the Woodworking Shows about the Fireman’s pen and it is finally being delivered to us tomorrow – Thursday! Unfortunately we only will receive a very limited quantity of them so if you are interested, order quickly before they are gone.  We have other surprises we will offer in the coming weeks – so stay tuned!

Leaving for Indianapolis

New Motorcycle Pen with an Eagle Clip.

This is the fifth week of the Woodworking Show season and we are having a great time seeing all our friends.  If you are in the Indianapolis area stop by and say hello, we will be at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the Champions Pavilion.  I will put on three seminars each day of the show so stop by and show me your latest work of art!  Speaking of art, we just received our shipment of new Motorcycle Pens with the Eagle clip on them!  These are great for any motorcycle enthusiast.  Another piece of art is the New fast selling pen, the Archer.  See these pens and many more at The Woodworking Show this week!   Happy Turning – Barry


Great Dismal Swamp Pen Blanks!

Great Dismal Swamp Wood

Great Dismal Swamp Pen Blanks are back!  We just received our shipment of Great Dismal Swamp pen blanks back from the stabilizer and they are stunning!  We had them dyed gold to enhance the grain of this 200 year old wood.  George Washington would be proud of this wood and these might even have made his teeth look better!

This week Lenora and I are off to Columbus with The Woodworking Show, so if you are in the area please stop by and see us. Happy turning – Barry

New Catalog is Shipping!









Yes, it’s true. Our new catalog is now shipping. It’s 48 full color pages of wonderful new pen kits, turning materials, innovative supplies and equipment. Some of you may have already received the catalog, the rest of you are awaiting the big day. Keep your eyes on your mailbox for your copy!

If you haven’t received your copy within the next 2 weeks, please go fill out our catalog request form, and we’ll get it to you ASAP.

Woodworking Show Season Is Here!

The Woodworking Shows have started and I will offer three different seminars a day for all three days at each show in 12 different cites!  See the Woodworking Show Schedule for details in your city! So if you are trying to reach us from Thursday to Sunday we (Lenora & Me) will be at the Woodworking Shows.  However, Michael and company will still be at the warehouse filling orders and answering all your questions!  Speaking of filling orders, we still have just a few blanks left of the exhibition grade pen blanks from Indonesia, Spalted Mango and Royal Black Walnut.

Well back on the road to Baltimore – see you soon – Happy Turning – Barry

Happy New Year!

Our family at Arizona Silhouette would like to take the time to thank all our friends that we met at shows and all the people we spoke with this past year.  Without you, Arizona Silhouette does not exist and we strive to continue to offer excellent service, advice and unique items to make your pen making experience fun for you. So thank you for your continued support! – Barry, Lenora, Michael, Cole, Dan, Sue & Tera.

Speaking of unique items we just received two new pen blanks from Indonesia. Spalted Mango & Royal Black Walnut. These are oversized blanks and they are stabilized to make them easy to turn.

Spalted Mango & Royal Black Walnut

Holiday Season Rush!

It is the holiday season and everyone is rushing around trying to get orders out in time for the Holidays.  Speaking of the Holidays, just arrived are some very festive polymer clay blanks from Tina ,  Santa will be pleased!

We have added an number of new pen kits

Black Ti Venetian

including some new Venetian Pen Kits – check these out!

We will also be adding other new kits this week the “Archer” a well balanced single barrel pen – If you need any ideas for gifts for the holidays, Gift Cards are always welcome!   Happy Turning – Barry