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The Entries for the Pen Contest have closed, but the votes can still continue until the winners are announced tomorrow November 6.

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Title: Black and burl
Author: Joe Tuinstra
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Category: Beginners - made up to 500 pens
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Description: This is your standard chrome Cigar pen kit, with a clip from the Ultra model. This was my first attempt at a cigar pen. I used golden amboyna burl, African blackwood, and an entire can of my wifes diet Mt. Dew (minus the top and bottom) for accenting the African blackwood. This pen took me 2 full days to make and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Picture courtesy of my mom, Julie Lamb

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12 thoughts on “Pen Contest

  1. This is a contest photo. To win I need people to like my pen. If you like my work please like my pen entry so I can win the favorite pen category. Thank you for taking the time to like my pen. Donna

  2. Hybrid thread wrapped blank. I hand wrapped and weaved shark silhouettes onto the tube and placed dyed live edge mesquite burl on the ends. This elegant beauty pen kit definately sets this blank off.

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