The Woodworking Shows Cancelled

AZ Shipping Box #1

Amid the Coronavirus concerns I am sorry to report that the Columbus and Syracuse Woodworking shows were

AZ Shipping Box #2

cancelled as well as Totally Turning in Saratoga Springs.

Last Thursday Lenora & I flew to Columbus, rented a car, went to the show and set up the booth which takes about 4 hours.  As we were leaving to go to our hotel, the Ohio Fair Grounds informed us that the Governor of Ohio had declared a state of emergency,  immediately shutting the show down. So we had pack up all the supplies, and put them back into the boxes and have them shipped back to us at the warehouse in Bensalem for arrival next Monday.

When full, Box 1 (as shown) holds approximately 2,500 pounds of pen kits and accessories.  Box 2 holds about 2,000 pounds of supplies, here it is just before filling it back up again!

I will now have time to fill you in on the Grand Central Holiday show, and start making some YouTube videos that everyone has been asking for.  If you have any suggestions for topics that you want to see on a video, please feel free to email me with those suggestions.

Thanks for the input – Happy turning – Barry

4 thoughts on “The Woodworking Shows Cancelled

    1. Joseph,
      Thanks for the kind words – I have started a YouTube channel and will be loading it tips and tricks in the next few months. Please sign up for it so we can continue educating everyone! – Barry

  1. Barry,

    What a bummer. But it is good to hear from you. I’ve been thinking about you and hoping you and yours are well during this crisis.


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