Customer Service – Doing It Right

We always pride ourselves in offering the best customer service that we can. But we’re never really sure what our customers think. Usually, we only hear from customers when something is wrong. When we hear positive feedback from a customer, we know we’re doing it right. And yes, it does give us a warm, happy feeling!
Thanks, Rick Raskin, we’re always happy to help you, and any of our other customers.Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.41.58 AM


2 thoughts on “Customer Service – Doing It Right

  1. Hello, I’m one of those phone / E-mail only customers only as I don’t live so close and I can attest to Barry’s Customer Service! Heck, he’s even helped me while he was away at some “Show” and was “holed” up in his hotel room and answered my e-mail for some help. What a great guy!!!

  2. I have been in this great hobby for several years. Over the years i can not think of a time that Barry did not help me on a problem. Even if he was on the road he took the time to email and follow up on what i felt needed to corrected. Sad part was most of the time it was operator error. He has over the years helped me one one at the store. I can not say enough about how he has come to my aid . His customer service is without doubt a caring attitude and top service.Between his wife and son i am more then happy with their first class service.
    Thanks Barry Great company.

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