Warehouse Clearance Specials!

I’m running around, and getting everything ready to go to the Washington DC pen show this weekend.

While going through the warehouse and gathering some pen boxes and stands for my displays,  I saw that we have a LOT of kits here too. We need to move these because  I screwed up, and ordered too many pen kits! I need to make room for some other  items, so we are blowing some of these kits out at ridiculous prices!

BHW485_274x274The first kit that I’m discounting is the poplar Rinehart rollerball in chrome or upgrade gold. The list price of $16.95 is now only $10.50 each, saving you over 38%!  If you want a fountain pen, then the Rinehart fountain pen in chrome or upgrade gold – list price of $17.95 now only $10.50 each saving  you over 42%!
This is more money in YOUR pocket when you sell these beautiful pens.

As I come across more overstocked “stuff”, I will be adding them to our clearance section:

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