Barry Teaching at Peters Valley School of Craft in August





Barry will be teaching a workshop on “Turning Fine Writing Instruments” at the Peters Valley School of Craft in Layton, NJ on August 19-23

Students of all levels are welcome in this course to learn a variety of techniques to take their pen making to the next level.

  • Concentration on the fit & finish of a pen will be stressed daily along with thinking creatively to enhance your abilities.
  • Discussion Topics: Tool techniques, sharpening, troubleshooting your problem pens and discussions on which is the best plating that is used for a pen are just some of the topics for discussion.
  • How to stabilize wood so it will not blow apart on you will be demonstrated and practiced!
  • Students will work with a variety of materials including but not limited to the following: exotic wood, stabilized wood, acrylics and demystifying the myth of casting and creating your own pen blanks will be worked on daily.
  • Different finishing techniques will be demonstrated and practiced throughout the course including an easy CA glue finish.
  • When you are finished with your pen masterpieces, we will discuss how to market them.
  • Students will leave with between 8-20 pens, depending on their skill level.

Barry’s “hands-on” workshops are a terrific way to take your pen making to the next level. Many students sell the pens that they make in the workshop and re-coup some, if not all, of the cost of the workshop. Of course, the knowledge you gain is invaluable, and is yours to keep forever!

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