Next Generation Pen Maker!!

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching pen making is when young people want to learn how to make a pen.  Last weekend in New England, I had the pleasure of working with a very nice young lady, Danielle, who wanted to start her own pen making business.  Her father was 100% behind her idea (that is who took the picture) and this is Danielle’s first pen!
Her dad was the investor who made sure she had all the tools to properly, and safely, make her pens.
Just think about what a young person, or anyone, can do with a micro business like this.
The start-up costs are fairly small. An ambitious person could pay off the equipment, and start turning a profit, within a couple of months. Students can let their friends and family know about their business in person, and all of their social media friends can follow along when they post photos of their pens for sale. It’s a great opportunity for a young person to own their own business, have flexible time, and make more than just working in a fast food place.
And they would certainly have their teacher’s gifts covered!

Her First Pen!

Her First Pen!

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