Grand Central Holiday Fair Update

Barry’s booth for the Grand Central Station Holiday Show

With less than 21 days to go I am in FULL PANIC mode. I’m sure a LOT of you have been there too.
The booth is finally completed, and it looks great. I am making 20-25 pens *daily* trying to make sure that I have enough pens to last the 42 days of the show.  Yes, a 42 day show! I am planning on bringing over 600 pens to the show,  and I have a feeling that may not be enough.  That is the reason for the panic!  BUT, with that said, I am having a ball and looking forward to doing the show!

6 thoughts on “FULL PANIC Mode!

  1. Good Luck Barry! I’m sure you’ll knock it out the park and knock their socks off with your work! Hopefully I will be able to get there one day and see your booth.

  2. glad to hear that i wont bother you with any questions at this point like the other guy steve i wish i had that problem but than i would be on antacids 24- 7.Good luck at the show

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