Greetings From the Grand Central Holiday Show In NYC!

I have not seen this many people in my life!
It is a constant, steady stream of people from 10 AM till 8 PM each day. I have over 1,000 pens for this show, and I started making them in June to prepare for this show.
Sales so far are steady and strong. There are over 30 different pen styles in both acrylic and wood, and so far the best selling pens are the watch parts, cigar wrapper with their boxes, and shark vertebrae. Other hot pens are made with theme related inlay kits from Kallenshaan Woods. Below are some photos of my mini store when it is NOT busy. It’s┬áthe only time I can get out of my booth!
The customers are enjoying seeing all the diversity of pen kits and styles. I’m looking forward to being here another 30+ days.
On a bad note, there are always people out to steal from you. I lost a $200 pen right off the counter when a person took it right out of the bag and ran as I went to get a total for the sale.
That is all for now – I will keep you posted on the progress of the marathon Holiday Fair Show!

6 thoughts on “Greetings From the Grand Central Holiday Show In NYC!

  1. Barry
    Great Looking set up!….Any chance of some “close-up” pics of your displayed pens? Happy Holidays. Best success in your show.

  2. Great Barry our sales are doing good for us as well but we are nowhere close to your league! Keep up doing what you do. As far as the thief goes two of us work the booth with one always in control of the goods while the other takes payment. I lost a bowl a few years ago the same way and it was the last time I did a booth by myself.
    By the way I’ll be in Yuma, Az for three months so I will be having my shipments sent there. I will let you know when.

  3. Sorry to hear about the pen thief, but the booth looks great. Remember it is a marathon not a sprint. Keep some energy for the end.

  4. Beautiful show Barry!! Congrats on your gorgeous displays and apparent success! Hope to see you in Maryland early January…. Dr Bob

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